I have completed the 3-year ATOP certification classes and have found that the classes have really been a benefit to me.  Becky Kelly and Roger Pond are so interesting as instructors and their shared experiences as Trust Officers are invaluable.  I have gained more useful information for our small trust department from Becky & Roger than I did from the classes which I attended from Cannon Financial.  The small class sizes and interaction with each other as well as the shared experiences make the classes a valuable tool at work.  I would recommend these classes to anyone in Trust Operations. 

Patricia A. Headlee
Executive Vice President & Trust Officer

​I wanted to drop you a line about the recent CSBS Trust School in Denver.  I thought the school was top notch.  The combination of trust basics and examination processes was very beneficial for those of us new to this area.  The instructors were excellent. 

Rick Christianson


​​Thanks Becky and Roger.  You both are great teachers and are so much fun and you make class very interesting. You both are so knowledgeable about your subjects and have such great stories.

Julie Pierce

​Becky and Roger,

From the Dinges homestead in Davidson, NC, a huge 'thank you' for everything you did for our clients this week. Your knowledge and approach are amazing.

I cannot thank you enough or express how glad I am to have had the fortune to get to know the two of you.

Michael Dinges
President and CEO

​In many banking courses it can be difficult to grasp the content of the material. Becky and Roger did a wonderful job using real life experiences to add value to the various points of discussion. Their academic and professional background really made a difference in the presentment of the course material.

Linda Floyd

​Thank YOU both so much for your training.  I will encourage anyone to attend your classes.  You make them fun and so very interesting.

Maureen Burks

​On a side note – thought the classes were great!  I do use my materials all the time from the classes that I attended…. the materials and my notes really help me with each task!  

Sharon DeLanois